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Who We Are

Who we are


  • Active Brand Concepts Ltd has an experienced team of sales professionals who have developed a bespoke service to provide a cost effective route to market to either support existing sales functions or outsource the entire process, which can be tailored to your business needs.

  • As part of our dedicated service we offer Creative Design, Marketing Strategy, Sales Lead Generation, Sales Administration, Distribution Management, Account Management, Telesales, NPD and Brand Development.

  • ABC has developed an excellent network covering both the United Kingdom and Europe.

  • Currently managing a variety of brands within diverse sectors, providing experience of a variety of markets.

  • In excess of 300 active customers ranging from major supermarkets to independent retailers.

  • ABC are able to offer many years experience in FMCG.




WHY ... Active Brand Concepts Ltd

  • Our Track Record – ABC have successfully delivered multiple sales and lead generation campaigns specifically tailored to our clients needs. We have launched many different brands in to the UK market and gained large distribution networks for a wide range of businesses. Our
  • Experience – Our dedicated skilled sales team have all contributed to many different campaigns in their own way each with different companies in different markets, promoting and selling different products and different services.
  • Our Skills - We have skills in a diverse range of lead generation skills, including: brand development, account management, telesales, telemarketing, direct mail and merchandising.
  • Our Approach - We use feedback from the prospects and feedback from you to constantly tweak and improve our campaign to maximise your results. Our goal is to get your product or service in front of the people that matter. Confident and to the point, never arrogant or vague our approach works.
  • Our Results - ultimately, what we do WORKS and we enjoying doing it....!


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Research and Development

 We do all our research and developing in house, this includes; NPD for our brand partners NPD for our own label partners Product Matching  We are constantly developing and improving products to make sure we stay ahead of the market or whether its innovating new... Read more

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What We Do

  Our staff will become part of your company's team, working to identify prospects, building and maintaining your brand and delivering the results that you are looking for. Our Sales teams will generate new business for you by using their skills to identify the... Read more

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About Us

Active Brand Concepts Ltd has an experienced team of sales professionals who have developed the bespoke service to provide a cost effective route for companies to either support their existing sales function or outsource the entire process. Join us on:

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